New balls please!

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By JCrowder-Barton

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  1. Love the new selection of balls and the different colours. But be very careful with the red, great for frosty days. Nigh impossible to find in the summer. But for those who are colour blind, please add them to your Christmas lists!

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  2. J C-B,
    Know what you mean - a friend bought 4 sleeves of different coloured Volviks when we went to Portugal a couple of years back and we each drew a sleeve.
    Have to admit I didn't get on with the red ones... Went back to my Titleists very quickly
    Our resident Bitter Blue took the blue sleeve and they"disappeared" against the blue sky, never to be seen again... Goodness, did he moan - who'd have thought it??? Just goes to show, you can give some people free ammunition and they still find something to complain about.


  3. JT, how very true. There’s some ungrateful people about.
    Last week we were caught out in the rain and one of our group had no wet weather gear. Being one that tries to always be prepared, I carry the usual extras, band-aid, paracetamol, spare socks etc. I offered him a bin bag, to which he could cut a few holes for his head and arms and slipped over his head thereby keeping him fairly dry.
    But oh no, first he wanted to make sure it had a drawstring to make sure he got a good fit around his waist.
    he asked if it was ‘recyclable’!
    I’ve never been so insulted, as if I would offer him anything less!

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