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By Les

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  1. Les

    Brighton UK

    Hi, I've just joint the team and fell like a born-again-golfer.

    A few years ago I had some injuryes which stopped me playing (I was only a once a month fun player anyway) and my the weight piled on due to lack of excersize. Last year I decided to do Hi, I've just joined the team and currently feel like a born-again-golfer.

    A few years ago, I had some injuries which stopped me playing (I was only a once a month fun player anyway) and my the weight piled on due to lack of exercise. Last year I decided to do something about and kicked of a healthier lifestyle and I’ve consequently lost 4.5 stone.

    Last October I took my old png G10‘s and my new slimmer self to the driving range for the first time in years with a work associate. My swing was a bad as its always been, and the shots looked pretty terrible. The chap I was with let me have a go with his 716 AP1’s… boy what a difference. The distance was similar, but the ball flew so much straighter I was amazed. So much so, that the pings went on Ebay that evening and I picked up a set of AP1’s with senior graphite shafts (I’m 52 and have a slow swing).

    A week later I’m on the course and enjoying the game more than ever. All my old gear has now gone (Apart from my old Scotty Detour) and I’m now 100% Titleist and playing every week.

    The AP1’s literally made me fall in love with the game again, so thank you Titleist.

    My current lineup is: 917 D2 816 H1 & H2 716 AP1 5-LW 2 Vokey wedges Scotty Detour Jap import mid size staff bag. Garmin approach (now waiting for my Powakaddy to arrive).


  2. Welcome to Team Titleist and congratulations on your weight loss -never easy !! I have lost two stone and not played much in last year due to various events. I am aiming to get new 200 or 300 irons at end of month and get out playing again it does wonders for my wellbeing physically and mentally
    Hope you enjoy the forum and there are always lots of events
  3. Lefty

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Welcome to the TT club Les.

    Glad to know Titleist and Golf have inspired you to get back on the course and adopt a healthy lifestyle.. win win scenario.

    Use the winter to your advantage to tweak your golfing game and hopefully you'll have a summer to remember!
  4. richard f

    richard f

    Well come to the club and well done on achieving all what you have achieved with your weight , you should be proud of yourself
  5. Welcome to the forum and I too started with png’s before I became a Titleist convert - albeit 18 years ago now!

    Enjoy your return to golf and hope your AP3’s keep working for you.

  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Welcome Les,

    I can see from the FB page you've been getting some rounds in this year already.

    Hope you find the TT community as entertaining and helpful as I do.

    Keep posting..

  7. Les

    Brighton UK

    I’m off tomorrow for my 4th round this week.
    Back to work on Monday, so it will slow down a bit then :-(
  8. Hey Les!

    Welcome aboard! Always great to get new TT fans on here nad share there experience, fantastic news on the weight loss as well.

    Good luck golfing this year, Enjoy swing well and maybe we might see you at a TT event in the future.


  9. Chris M

    Chris M

    Welcome to TT
    Great to have new mates along

    All the best for the season and may nice rounds
  10. Les

    Brighton UK

    Thanks guys.

    Got a couple of brush up lessons booked to help me get rid of my old bad habbits.
    Currently going to the range twice a week and having a round or two at the weekends.

    My wife who stopped playing when I did, is starting up again and i'm currently converting her to Titleist as well - Sold her on the irons (on my shopping list) but she cant get use to my 917 D2, so I'm going to get her fitted for a new one.

    Loving the game!
    Post Image
  11. Welcome to the group,glad you got the golf bug back Keep it up and hopefully your swing will be where you want it by the summer

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