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By SWhittaker

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  1. Hi TT, I’ve needed a new winter carry bag for a while and finally bought the 2019 Stadry carry bag in November. I’ve only managed to play 4 times since, due to course being closed but I find multiple problems and disappointed with it. Firstly the pockets, the main side pocket is too small which I can only just get my waterproof jacket in and nothing else, this in turn makes it very difficult to get anything in or out of the small side pockets. Then the main front pocket for balls, the zip opening is smaller than any other bag I’ve had so getting anything out is not ideal when on the course. Then the side pocket for a bottle is so tight I’ve ended up carrying a bottle of water. Now the club sections with the full length dividers, putting clubs back in I have to force or juggle my bag just to get them in and when the bag is stood on it’s legs, you can’t pull clubs out from the top section due to being clamped in by the base folding. And finally the legs when carried on your back are opening and closing when you walk and so banging against the bag making an annoying noise. 

    All in all very disappointed in the bag so thought the feed back would help with future developments, but if you can do anything now that would be appreciated. 

    Thank you Simon

  2. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Hi there, this is the review I wrote in March, having changed to it from a Titleist Players 4Up StaDry Stand Golf Bag, you might find it useful?

    I've had the new 2019 Players 4 golf bag for about three months and I love it, I've updated from the Titleist Players 4Up StaDry Stand Golf Bag both the 2018 and earlier version and find this a far better bag. It's ideal as a carry stand bag, really lightweight but plenty of options, plenty of room in the pockets and the internal net pockets inside the main pocket on the spine of the bag is a great touch as you can put balls etc. in these making them easier to retrieve instead of fumbling in the bottom of the pocket. There's a drinks pocket on the one side and a small pocket designed to house your distance measuring equipment, I find this ideal for carrying my scorecard holder. The straps seem to sit easier on the shoulders making it more comfortable to carry, although I'm not a fan of this current dual strap offering, this sits better on the shoulders when compared with the 4 Plus . This gets my vote, anyone thinking of buying a lightweight stand bag should give this serious consideration.
  3. Denis C

    Denis C

    The water bottle pocket is very tight making it difficult to use. I find the other pockets ok but I don't pack much during the winter besides a jacket if not already wearing it.
    But everyone's experience is different so it's always good feedback.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Sorry you are disappointed. I would suggest working with the place where you purchased the bag for resolution. With all the multiple options in Titleist bags, I would always suggest someone go into a retail store where they have all the styles and compare features in person. Then you can decide which bag best suites your needs and not be surprised over things later. Then if you want to special order a specific bag from your home club or direct, you will know what you are getting. As for the legs, that has been an occasional issue on all stand bag models for several years. There are several older posts on how to tighten them by pushing the plastic piece between the leg wires further up. Usually takes a hammer as they are normally tightly in place. Good luck and hope you find the bag that works best for your needs.
  5. Thank you, I did visit several stores but no one had the bags in so I had to order online. Only when I used it I found the problems. I’ll the the part on the legs.
    Thank you
  6. PCronin

    Co. Cork

    Happy New year!!
    The wife got me the 4 plus Stadry 2019 bag for Christmas. I took it out yesterday for its first spin!! Overall I am pleased with the bag, it's very light to carry when fully packed, waterproof and looks great.
    I agree that some of the pockets are on the small/tight side. The water bottle and GPS pockets are very small and not ideally located in their current locations. They are too close to other pockets that reduce their size when fully packed.The large side pocket is sufficient enough for a jacket and extra gloves. The front pocket is perfect for balls, tee's and other necessary items. The small side pocket behind the water bottle pocket is tight but handy for mobile and keys etc
    If I need to carry more items I'll take the mid size staff bag. This bag is great for casual golf in mixed weather which we seem to get alot of in the south of Ireland!!
    The straps are very comfy and the back protector a great addition. The
    Zips, material quality and colour are all great and really stay true to the classic Titleist look.
  7. Really sorry to hear your not getting on with your bag. I have the same one and I love it.

    I carry light I don't want loads of pockets and places to put stuff I don't take with me.

    I'm excited to see the bags being tested in the UK.

    Be nice to see design and people's thoughts on the bags.

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