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By AntD

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  1. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Last round of 2019 was completed in 3 hours this morning so its that time of year to look forward to another summer of hot days and fast greens and to look back at the year just completed.

    What were your personal golfing highlights of 2019? and just for perspective one or two not so highlights.

    For me the highlights have to be:

    Representing TT with Ross Holmes and our mates in the BMW Cup at Bearwood Lakes, where we took the team prize by some margin.

    Meeting other TT members at the Titleist day at East Sussex National (looking forward to 2020 event).

    Played 12 new courses during the year some very good and some not brilliant.

    Also completing Titleist the bag with my first Scotty and TS2 hybrid (loving them both).

    The not so highlights are:

    Handicap has stayed steady at 18 mainly due to neck and ulnar nerve issues but a stableford average of 32.5 over the 11 club comps and 2 medal wins it's been an OK year.

    The BMW Cup at Bearwood as we were not allowed to qualify for the UK final despite Ross and I returning best scores in our categories (but we had a great day thanks to Titleist).

    Now looking forward to and setting personal goals for 2020.

  2. richard f

    richard f

    My goal is to try and work less and get out and play a lot more regularly through 2020
  3. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    After my Dad passed away last year his golf buddies asked me to try and get a game with them and now after this past season they are my golf buddies too and they take my money every week!.

  4. I Echo Richard F -leas work more playing and lower handicap plus new golf clubs and Club!!
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Sorry to hear of your loss, but what a way to remember him.

    I guess that's one of the great things about the game of golf that age, ability or gender doesn't matter when you're out on the course.

    Just start winning some of that money back..

  6. I won my clubs Winter League; got my name on the wall for the 1st time. The summer season was full of changes to my bag and swing it was a disappointing summer. I am half way through defending my winter league title and have some work to do.

    My golf resolutions include keep the bag setup steady and learning to take more variables into account before deciding on the the shot.

    Good look everyone ! Have a great 2020

  7. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Thanks Ant, I doubt I will ever win the money, they have too many funny things to say when playing, it’s a brilliant day out.


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