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By TGroth

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just a note to say that I tried the 620 MB’s yesterday and they are just so good. Having played blade type irons for a long time I recently switched to cavity backs and was not too displeased with them until I tried the MB’s, I had forgotten how nice it is to be able to have better control of your ball flight and the beauty of the blade sitting behind the ball. Also, for me at least, seeing the smaller blade makes me focus that extra bit on hitting it out of the middle which actually improves my ball striking. As always though, the shaft is the most important thing IMO but if you can get that matched to these blades they are so pure!

  2. They look so small behind the ball though.
  3. Never really given blades a serious "go"....
    When I started, cavity backs had just come along so I was perhaps a generation late for blades as the main-stream irons.
    From experience, I think I'd probably have to combo something a bit more forgiving towards the top order of irons to prevent a "plateau".... but I'm tempted to give them a go.
  4. I find that since the clubs are so small, it gives me the mental idea that I’m not going to make contact with the ball which throws off my swing, it’s just preference
  5. Aaron


    Ordered my 620 MBS last week can't wait for them to arrive. Nothing quite like flushing a blade tight to a pin :)
  6. First time poster on these forums

    I'm keen to try the 620 MB's. My current 716 MB's are due a change for next season. A lot of people are put off by blades but i can't seem to be able to hit anything else consistently. I grew up hitting blades and like everyone, I got to the stage where i thought i'd get a little help from a more forgiving iron. I got fitted for 714 AP2's but after 4 months they were replaced by old set of blades. The appearance and workability of bladed irons suit me better......everyone is different

    I'll look to get fitted for the 620 MB's in the next month or 2 so i'm firing with them for next season

    Does anyone have feedback on how these irons are performing?
  7. I spent the best part of 2 hours with the local Titleist fitter earlier this week. Expected to like the 620CBs but the 620MBs were so good I couldn’t see past them (3 handicap). Ended up with PX 6.0 shafts which surprised me a bit having been an AMT white user recently. That took care of the 5-PW, the 4 iron was a debate and ended up with 620CB as just that bit more forgiveness and flew 195-200 which fitted nicely above the 185 from 5 iron. Passed on a 3 iron and went for a U510 2 iron with white Evenflow 90 6.0 - was flying 215 and running out to 230 which should be perfect. Expected to want the U500 but the 510 is so much easier to hit and shape it was a no brainer. All in all, great fun and excited to get the new toys.

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