confusion re: StaDry line of stand bags

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By Brian P

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  1. I have seen many names used for the waterproof line of Titleist stand bags from various retailers on-line, would appreciate any clarity that can be offered differentiating the following: Players 4 StaDry; Limited Players 4 StaDry; Players 4UP StaDry; and Players 4 Plus StaDry. How many different versions (irrespective of color choices) of StaDry stand bags are on the market right now (not just 2019, but 2018 as well since those are still widely available)? what are the differences in terms of weight, # pockets, etc? is there a new version coming out any time soon? Thank you for any light you can shed on these topics.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Hopefully you have figured it out. If it says StaDry, its the waterproof material and zippers. If it says Limited, its a special color that will only be available in limited quantities. Multiple models come in regular and StaDry versions. All current ones should be listed under the Golf Bags link above. BTW, the 4UP was the predecessor of the Players 4 StaDry. It was the first ultra-light weight, waterproof, carry bag. If you want the specific differences, head out to one of the big retail golf shops where they will have all models so you can compare first hand. Happy shopping!
  3. Love it when you comment cause you answer every question asked
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Alex said:

    Love it when you comment cause you answer every question asked

    Thanks Alex. I try to help where I can, hopefully without hogging the forum from so many other folks with great perspectives and a lot to offer.

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