Pro V1 vs Pro V1x

I have an identical twin brother and father and we play quite a bit of golf together. Often we round out the foursome with a vary close family friend, Harry. My brother and I have very close indexes, and my father and Harry have close indexes. We all decided it would be fun to split up my brother and I and team up with either my father or Harry. We would play 36 holes best ball match play and no strokes. The winning team would pick a local restaurant of choice and the loosing team would have to foot the bill for dinner including wives. As both my brother and dad play Titleist Pro V1, and both I and Harry play Pro V1x, that was the deciding factor in the teams. Last but not least, we have had this team match 5 different times and do it no more than once a year. After the first match, we all purchased green jackets and wear them to the "awards dinner." Attached is a picture of the four of us at one of the dinners. By the way, Pro V1x is ahead 3 matches to 2.