richard l. foisy

I was playing at Riverside golf club north course located on riverside street, Portland, maine 04103. I was playing the 13th hole a 160 yard par 3. I used a 7 wood into the wind. the flag was in the middle of the green. I hit the Titleist Pro v1. right at the flagand when it got close to the hole I lost sight of it in the shade. I thought it went over the green, but my playing partners said Dick that's in the cup. there was another member getting ready to tee off on #14 saw the ball going to the pin and ran up on to the 13th hole and watched it go into the cup. He gave me a high sign like I made a field goal. I was so excited I threw my club in the air a screamed. everone on the 10,11th,and 12th hole heard me and they all clapped.