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Three Weeks, Three Wins for Titleist to Kick Off 2020

PGA TOUR: It’s now three weeks and three wins to start the new decade for players trusting their success to Titleist golf balls on the PGA Tour. This time it was...


Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Putters

New Tour-Inspired Blade and Mid-Mallet Designs Provide Pure Performance, Solid Milled Feel The new Scotty Cameron Special Select putter line blends timeless designs...


Titleist Tips: Golf Consistency with Trillium Rose

  One of the more frustrating things about golf is how fleeting success can be. We've all been on the roller coaster. You play a great round on Saturday, certain that...

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The Clubhouse

2020 PGA Show (Official Discussion)

Happy PGA Show week, Team Titleist!  Titleist product experts and brand ambassadors have already begun their annual pilgrimage to Orlando for the 2020 PGA...

Vokey Design Wedges

SM8 Wins Its First Week on Tour

What a week! 37 Tour pros put SM8 in play this week which is almost 25% of the entire field. Then Tyler Duncan taking home the RSM Classic with a couple SM8 wedges in play was...

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